Rebecca Kurucz

I have always been an avid participant of exercise; from weights, to cardio, to sports. Yoga and pilates have proven to be an ongoing challenge and joy for me in my fitness journey. I have learned more about my mind and body from these two practices than any other form. I crave balance in my hectic life. I find it on the mat.

I have practiced pilates for 15 years and taught for 8. I absolutely love the style of pilates. Using props, lying on the mat, engaging my core and focusing on breath. Hips, thighs and core have always been my trouble zones. I like the idea of lengthening my muscles and stretching while I build strength. I enjoy the option of layers in this practice and working to your own level. Most of all I love seeing people change their lives and their views toward exercise. Their bodies change in front of my eyes and then their mind calm and they feel the craving I feel for coming to the mat.

Yoga is a newer love for me. I have been teaching for 4 years, and I have been trained through Yoga Fit. I love the endless cycle of yoga. I find new moments and awareness in each pose every time I practice. It is the most heart warming and cleansing “exercise” in the universe. I am never bored, always energized, and completely re-opened up when I am in yoga. I am hooked.

I am excited to be a part of the Joyful Breath Yoga team. My favorite classes to teach are ones that mix yoga and pilates together with props, fun music, and lots of high and low energies. I hope you enjoy sharing my passion with me on your mat, wherever you may be practicing.

Together, I hope you find that there is no perfect way, and no wrong doings here. There is only feeling, truth, and breath. Welcome to the space of no judgment and all love, enjoy the ride!


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