Dr. Jeyanthi Senthil

An avid yoga practitioner herself, she started advocating Siddha medicine / Panchakarma & Yoga at the age of 25. She holds an Undergraduate Degree in Siddha Medicine & Surgery from The Dr.M.G.R.Medical University. Diploma in Yoga from Bharadidasan University, India.

With over 16 years of experience as Siddha Consultant, her philosophy is to help alleviate chronic ailments & improve health with the use of Herbal medications, Yoga, Panchakama/Naturo therapies.

She is a leading Siddha Medical Practitioner / Yoga Advocate & offers Central Government of India approved certified courses on YOGA / PANCHAKARMA / NATUROPATHY / AYURVEDIC COSMETOLOGY through Jeya’s Institute of Paramedical Science.

Her classes include Asana with attention to alignment and form, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Deep Relaxation & Meditation. She believes in Mind Sound Resonance Technique to explore and strengthen the body, mind & soul. She was invited to deliver a session at the prestigious YOGA SHOW at Olympia, London & has conducted several workshops in UK & India as well. She has contacted several seminars about PRANA which is the life force, in various states of the USA.

Samhita, which means a collection of LITERARY GEMS, provides a fusion of ancient therapies. The soothing fresh green ambience & rustic quietude helps heal your body, calms the mind and enriches your soul. Experience quality health care for CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION & PROMOTION OF POSITIVE HEALTH @ Samhita.

SANJEEVANAM, her CD deals with certain common health conditions & their Siddha/Ayurvedic/Yogic management. Sanjeevanam is a self explanatory video for all.

You can reach Dr. Jeyanthi at: drsjey@gmail.com

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