Debra O’Bryan

My first yoga experience was not unlike the typical first-time yoga student. There I was, in a crowded room, a borrowed mat under me, my body awkwardly searching for the proper position in the poses.

From that first awkward yoga experience, however, something sparked within me that I had not felt before, despite my life-long love and commitment to exercise. While inelegantly stretching my body into those first few poses, I experienced a feeling much like being in the bowl of heaven, surrounded by mountains. Beneath me, I felt the earth and the ground of my path. Gazing up I saw the mountain that was mine to climb, my journey. I felt a true coming home within. I felt inspired knowing the pure sense of purpose within my heart. I felt called to spread the healing joy of yoga.

One month after my first yoga class, I began teacher training. Within three months I had ten friends practicing yoga in my garage. From the very beginning, I knew the only place that matters in yoga is within.

As I embark on my journey of Joyful Breath Yoga, I am truly blessed to have the unconditional love of my beloved husband and soul mate, Tom. He, along with our four children, continues to support me as I spread the joy of yoga. I have the gift of my husband, children and parents as my students. My heart is filled with joy as I watch them embrace their own yoga practice.

I have now come full circle, with my studio again in my garage. But now, instead of just a few students in one place, I will have students join me from throughout the world, practicing together, learning the joy of yoga. As we strengthen our bodies together we can receive the graces from God above, we can send out our loving spirit and energy into the world and be the change the world is crying out for!


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