8-Week Calorie Burner for Beginners






Lose weight, and add lean muscle mass in this program designed to gradually build strength.

Follow Debra’s Top Ten Nutrition tips along with the weekly mindful eating challenge.

Week 1-

Learn the basics this week with slow moving beginning yoga classes that include detailed descriptions of poses perfect for beginners.

Week 2-

This week along with the slow flow classes we add Vinyasa Flow for Beginners. This is a faster paced class designed to increase heart rate with strength.

Week 3-

This week embrace the strength of slow holding poses in Hatha Yoga along with the slightly faster pace of Vinyasa Slow Flow to begin to build endurance and strength.

Week 4

You are beginning your one month mark of your program. This week embrace gratitude for the many positive changes in body, mind and spirit. Program this week will include slow flow Vinyasa along with faster paced Vinyasa Flow.

Week 5-

Move forward into week 5 staying focused and motivated from within to meet the challenges of your yoga practice.

Week 6-

Prepare for a challenging week, as you add in booty kickin’ pilates focusing on core strength along with upper body and legs. Round off the week with Vinyasa and Hatha flow.

Week 7-

You will amp up the calorie burn this week with the addition of Power Core Yoga Fusion. This class adds in strength and cardio together for added challenge.

Week 8

Begin this week with a smile as you look back at all you have accomplished. Feel complete gratitude for your strength, focus, and determination. Your program ends with lots of strong classes to challenge and inspire you.
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8-Week Calorie Burner Program


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