4-Week Restore & Renew Chakra Element Program






Release blocked energy and open yourself to true awareness of your physical and spiritual self as you connect to each of your chakra elements. This program includes a wonderful blend of yoga classes including Hatha, Gentle and meditation to guide you through your journey of transformation.

What is a Chakra?
From the book Chakra Meditation by Swami Saradanda

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word “chakra” is wheel. Today, the term is associated with the seven focal points of radiant power or vital energy in the subtle body. You may find it helpful to picture your chakras as gears that shift energy either up or down. Chakras are the mechanisms by which emotions and ideas affect your physical body and vice versa. This means that as you remove energy blockages in your chakras you enhance your senses while boosting your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Week 1 – Earth Element/Muladhara Chakra

You begin your journey this week focusing on the Earth Element which is part of the root chakra located at the base of your spine. This chakra/element is your energetic foundation and helps you to find your path in life, stand on your own two feet, to put down roots and nourish yourself physically and spiritually.

Week 2 – Water Element/Swadhistana Chakra

Moving up your chakra channel this week with the water element associated with the sacral chakra located around the kidney and genital region of your body. The qualities of water show this chakra’s nature – liquid, flowing, flexible and adaptive. Water also has cleansing and purifying properties because when this chakra’s energy is blocked it creates the feeling of having done something wrong or shameful. When the sacral chakra is open and balanced you blossom as a person, you are creative and intuitive full of dreams and healthy desires.

Week 3 – Fire Element/Manipura Chakra

Transformation begins this week as you move into the fire element associated with the manipura chakra at the solar plexus or belly – energy between the navel and the base of the spine. Here is where you store your “sense of self”. Your solar plexus energy centre is the source of your imagination, your vision of the future and your desire for action. It is here that you come to terms with the past and “burn” accumulated karma(consequences of past actions).

Week 4 – Air Element/Anahata Chakra

Begin to breathe into the “winds” of change this week as you embrace your air element which is part of the anahata chakra located at the heart centre which governs the heart and lungs. Forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love are all essential if you are to open this chakra and allow your energy to ascend upward. You will begin to breathe into a “change of air” and encourage yourself to reach out and touch others and in turn allow yourself to be touched by the joys of life.


4 Week Restore & Renew

Chakra Element Program