Frequently Asked Questions


Why Joyful Breath Yoga?


Yoga is about more than learning poses, holding Tree for 60 seconds or being able to touch your toes. We want to help you discover the deeper benefits of Yoga by providing a wide variety of live classes, customized 4 or 8-week programs, workshops, inspiring and informative articles, guided 12 week journeys, member spotlights, and much more! In joining the Joyful Breath Yoga Community, you become a part of our dedication to Spreading the Joy of Yoga to the World! Join a Global Community dedicated to these Core Beliefs:

  • Providing a positive and personal Yoga experience through digital media and technology

  • Empowering Instructors worldwide to share their gifts and passions with an online community through classes, workshops, and trainings

  • Helping Students feel their positive change and impact on the world


What is the Joyful Breath Yoga Mission Statement?


Our mission is to empower our students of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels to find inner joy and bring families together through practicing yoga online. We strive to deliver accessible, affordable virtual yoga classes that will allow our students to grow in body, mind, and spirit on their own schedules and in their own space. We are guided by our Why.


If I cancel my account within 30 days of signing up, will I be charged any fees?


No. We offer a completely risk-free 30-day free trial for both our monthly and yearly plans! Try out Joyful Breath Yoga and see how you can use the resources provided to help empower your life.


Can I cancel my account at any time?


Yes! You may cancel your account under the Account Management page at any time.


How do I join LIVE classes?


Live Classes on Joyful Breath Yoga are always completely Free. Check the Schedule for times and to match them up with your timezone. Then join us at the Current Live Class at the designated time to participate in the Free Live classes!


Do I have to be a member to join LIVE classes?


No. You do not have to be a member to participate in the LIVE classes. You simply need to join at the Current Live Class page during the designated time.


I’m new to Yoga. How do I get started?


Wonderful! We love guiding those who are just finding the path of Yoga. Start with our Yoga for Beginners in our Class Archive page and also the Pose Breakdowns to get a good idea about the poses you will be encountering during the classes.


Any additional questions?


Please e-mail us directly here: or use the Contact Us option floating at the bottom of this page!