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Christian Yoga Practice

Transformation and Christian Yoga Teaching, instructing, and training others in the business of physical transformation; I have learned that not only do we have to train for the transformation we desire in our physical bodies, but there is a transformation … Continue reading

pencil Destiny Hurst

calendar April 10, 2014

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Online Yoga – Family Benefits.

Online Yoga – How my family benefits.     Prenatal Yoga: Online yoga has been a lifesaver during my pregnancy.  The farther along I progress through my pregnancy, the more hit or miss my energy levels have been.  Having the … Continue reading

pencil Michelle Osborne

calendar January 15, 2014

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Member Spotlight: A Yoga for Cyclists Success Story!

Debra and Tom approached me about Joyful Breath Yoga in an effort to demonstration how their program could be a success for a competitive cyclist. I had heard about the professional athletes they were helping with their programs and was … Continue reading

pencil David Neidinger

calendar August 29, 2013

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12-Week Journey – Paul Matlock – The Conclusion Finds a Beginning

Coming to the end of these last 12 weeks, I have experienced such a drastic, personal change as a result of my yoga practice. It is evident that the conclusion of these last 12 weeks is merely the beginning of … Continue reading

pencil Paul Matlock

calendar May 6, 2013

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Perspective of ‘doing’ Yoga versus ‘practicing’ Yoga by a High School Volleyball Coach

Yoga is good for you. Its benefits are varied, long lasting, and wide ranging: *Physically, it can be demanding or gentle, whatever your needs. *Internally, it massages organs and is good for your heart and lungs. *Mentally, it provides a … Continue reading

pencil Katie Grusing

calendar March 4, 2013

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