Destiny Hurst

Destiny Hurst

Being a part of a goal, watching others grow, a visionary, dreaming big, doing things regardless of the obstacle, finding a way, taking action; these things are all a part of me and what I long to share with others 다운로드. Striving to educate and encourage others in their journey for a lifestyle change to better health has been a passion of mine. Having the experience as a Certified Personal Trainer/Coach, I have had the opportunity to be a part of many incredible stories, which have all richly blessed me 다운로드. After becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I wanted to add more education to my tool belt to serve others in a capacity that would offer ways to receive results, core training, relaxation and strength and found the love for Self Myofascial Release Therapy and Yoga 다운로드! After becoming a certified instructor for SMRT-Core Programming through Trigger Point Performance Therapy I have found amazing relief and have had the opportunity to share with others and see many lives changed in that constant pain was not their first morning feeling 종이의집 다운로드! Teaching yoga and being a student of yoga has been a beautiful distraction for the many hats I wear as a Personal Trainer, wife and mother of two active girls 다운로드! Yoga has been life changing for my clients, my family and myself. Being a part of the Joyful Breath Yoga team is in line with my mission and what I am passionate about and that is working with people, a community that takes action for their own health and sees the benefit of sharing their before and after experiences that have transformed them in mind and body 다운로드! I believe “What you think about you bring about.” Positive changes and thoughts bring forth healthy concepts and lifestyle changes. Challenging yourself to the next level is empowering and can be harnessed through our daily activities 다운로드.

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Challenge your core off the mat in this creative, strong core workout with props you find around your house.


Challenge your core off the mat in this creative, strong core workout with props you find around your house 다운로드.